“Why” Do We Do What We Do?

Today I took part in a live Facebook training with Amber Lilyestrom, who is a transformational branding strategist and business performance coach, as well as a writer and speaker (phenomenal). And a Presenter at my up coming Reignite Your Light Summit. Something she said really struck me regarding the work I do as a lightworker, and spirituality coach. She asked that we look at the “why,” why we do the work we do. This made me stop and look at what I do and why I am doing it.

I came to this realization: I do what I do because I know what it means to live in darkness, to be hurt so deeply that at times I didn’t think I could go on, and to want so desperately to see the light I knew was inside me. It took me years of going to classes, counseling to overcome my childhood trauma and to gain enough understanding to at least go on searching for the light at the end of my tunnel. Although the universe showed me miracles and gave me messages it never felt like I was making any real progress. It felt like I was on an endless quest to find the healing that would never be mine because I was always told there’s more, more, more to be done. So darn frustrating and dis-empowering.

After a lot of searching I finally I found something that makes me want to get up every day and move forward and that is “Me.” I have been introduced to the perfect loving being God created me to be and that’s what I love to share with others. In what seems like a short time I have been able to embrace not only the grace of God but also have a clearer understanding of the laws of the universe and it all makes so much sense that I can’t help but make it my life’s purpose. All of this power and insight was inside me, but I needed someone or something to bring it forward where I could embrace it, love it and love me in the end.
So, my “why” is because I want to inspire and free others by teaching them how incredibly powerful, they are, just as they are, and how to let go of what is not serving them in moving towards the light, towards, happiness, peace, abundance and love.

Today I am curious as to what your “why” is and for those who don’t know I invite you to ponder it because it can help you achieve your hearts desire and life a full and successful life.

In grace, Robin

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