There are people all over the world experiencing visions of some sort, be it angels, Jesus, Mother Mary or an ascended master. Yet, unless there is some grandiose appearance, we don’t often hear about them. So, where do these messages go, and why are there not more of them circulating amongst us?

In the mid 1800s, a young French girl named Bernadette Soubirous had visions and communications with Mother Mary, and she was shamed, guilted, accused of lying and hounded by the police. This is also true of the three young children of Fatima, Portugal in the early 1900's and the children of Medjugorje, a town in Bosnia, in the early 1980's. One thing these children had in common besides the fact that they all saw and spoke with the Divine Mother was that they experienced healings and miracles which is a magnificent honor, and you would hope the world would embrace them, but no, they did not. These visionaries experienced ridicule and persecution.

What a gift to be different and/or to have such amazing things happen to you, but having to choose whether to share it or not due to the fact that it could possibly cause terrible distress or even cost your life is quite disheartening. This is what these children had to endure in their lives. I’m sure in some parts of our world that is true even today.

I know from my own experience that it can be frightening to have this type of supernatural experience and to be afraid for others to know. I have had visions and communications with Mother Mary since I was four years old and later as I got older I had them with Jesus also. I had shared them with family and a couple of close friend but that was it. Family would call me for guidance or to see what the spirit world had to say, and I was very open and free in telling them but did not want them to share it with others.

So, what was I so afraid of? I never had a conscious experience where I was treated badly or scoffed at, yet I had a deep-seated fear of persecution. I was so afraid of being ridiculed that at times I wished they would leave me alone and not come back, but thank goodness they didn’t listen to me. Although it took me into my 40's to open up and share, (at the urging of Mother Mary) I have felt a lot better with myself by finally sharing this lifelong secret.

I now feel real, more myself for not having to hide. When I wrote the book Mother Mary and the Undoing Process, I was at a crossroads with the secret I had been keeping. But I did what was asked of me, finally and moved into my fear to make it happen. The book came out, and guess what? No one came knocking at my door to take me away or call me crazy. I’m sure there are people out there who think so or don’t believe me, but bless their souls for they let me be. I realize that it may have been silly to others, that the Holy Mother was speaking to me and that I refused her request to talk about her or give her messages, but fear is not a rational thing, and we often do weird or unexpected things when facing it. Also, we are blessed with free will, so no Heavenly Being will force anything upon us, but rather they will wait until we are ready, or not.

The reason I decided to write this was that a client recently told me she had had visions her whole life and is just now considering sharing them. I asked why it took so long, and it was the fear of what others would think, especially her family. I told her my story and encouraged her to tell at least two other people just to get it out of her soul. She needed permission, not necessarily from me but from someone who understood and together we got to a place where she could give herself permission to share and face her fears,and she did. It wasn’t bad, the world didn’t end, and the men in white coats didn’t come to drag her away. I don’t know if she is going to tell anyone else as she now seems to have peace with it. She said the freedom made her feel expansive, but she is still wondering where that fear stemmed from.

I’ll tell you what I told her, “Who cares?” The fact is it was there, she addressed it and now its gone. Yay!

So, I want to stress to everyone out there that it is ok to share your visions or dreams or aspirations. You’re getting these messages for a reason. The world needs what you have, we need to support Spirit in passing on vital spiritual information. How do we know it’s vital? I feel this way; if it serves the light and love of God and human kind, it is vital. I understand some visions are not pleasant and are questionable, but ask yourself this, “Is this going to help or hinder? Will it bring another closer to their divinity or take them away?” Then make the decision.

For those of you who need or are seeking some kind of permission, I want to offer it to you. To give you permission and to support yourself in being the real you. Share your messages, write them down, give them to a friend, do something to let your true self shine in this world. Be discerning as to who you share with, but share. If you know you have an atheist friend, then that friend might not be the best person to share with, but find someone. If you can’t find someone to share with, send it to me. No judgement, my response will merely be, “I received it, and good for you!”

Friends, we are the perfect children of God, and there is no reason we should ever have to hide. We are created in complete beauty, connected to source at all times and the world needs know and experience Spirit in so many different ways, and your message could be the right one for someone.

Blessings & Grace, Robin

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