Universal Laws

As you know my dear friend Joelle St. Germaine and a group of Goddesses and I are heading to France next week for what is going to be a powerful Goddess retreat. We have been preparing for this trip for a while now and are excited to finally be on our way to Lourdes to partake in the healing energy and have some fun.
I feel personally blessed to have receive the messages from the Goddesses and am truly surprised about how easy it was to connect with them. I have been working with the Laws of the Universe and developing ways to make my manifestation process easier and I practiced my method to create communications with the Goddesses.
As we know Law of Attraction tells us that what we focus on we create; be that good or otherwise and being able to connect with the Goddesses we chose to connect with is proof that the Law is always in effect. I asked, and I received, and I am blessed by it.
One thing I have learned from being aware of my thoughts and desires is that I can be pretty impatient about what I want. Some things I don’t mind waiting for, but others I want yesterday. That’s been a great lesson because it has shown me how I am not as ready as I think I am in my creating process.
If I am ready for something to manifest it comes without effort, I feel good, no worries, a sense of abundance and things fall into place easily. This process not only brings me out of my inner struggle but then reflects into my outer world where I am blessed to see good all around me. However, when I am not ready, and I feel tension or restlessness towards something I am wanting to manifest, it creates tension in my mind and outer life and does not come to pass quickly. The struggle/tension has been a great meter to show me where I am with things, which in turn is allowing me to shift gears and focus on things that are right and peaceful for me. This process not only brings me out of my inner struggle but then reflects into my outer world where I am blessed to see good all around me.
I have great respect for the power of the spoken word and using my words to create the desires of my heart knowing that by consciously being aware of not only what I say but also what I think, I can effectively take control of my life.
One of the ways I am doing this is by creating a list of things that make me happy or that contribute to my feeling good. This list is what I go to when I feel out of balance. When I spend a little time with my collected-good thoughts my consciousness can shift, and I once again feel connected to God or Source. I know it sounds simple and sometimes it is, but at other times it is a struggle and I want to give up, and sometimes I do. Still I try again the next time.
My question to you is, are you trying to manifest some new things in your life, psychically, emotionally or mentally? Do you feel held back or don’t know where to start? Do what I did and take some time to make a good detailed list of what makes you happy and spend time each day focusing on those things. The more you do this process you’ll find it becomes easier to shift back into balance with what you want and desire in life.
Happy creating!
Robin Rose

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