Stepping into Your Divine Sphere

You know, sometimes we have a hard time feeling our best and need a little help to keep our heart open so that we can shine as the Lightworkers we are created to be.
When I feel stuck or out of balance one of the affirmations I use, is from ACIM
“I choose again, I choose love.”
This simple affirmation gives me the reminder I need to see things differently to bring me to back into balance. This really helps me step out of a negative mindset where I can then feel and see the possibilities of abundance, peace and joy.
Those are the kind patterns/mindsets I would rather create. Wouldn’t you?
We carry around old wounds, negative patterns, and unconscious beliefs that direct our life and most of the time don’t even know where we picked that baggage up. I know for myself this is true.
Making the decision to stop living that way has had a profound effect on my happiness and has opened a life time of possibilities I didn’t realize were available to me.
Self-reflection isn’t always the easy route, but it’s most definitely worth it. It’s where we find our strengths and the power to move forward. We all live in what I call the “Divine Sphere.” This is where everything we ever wanted or desired is stored just waiting for us to take hold of them. We, being children of Light are blessed with everything we could ever want but not knowing how incredible and special we are, we have not been able to reach out and grab a hold of all that is ours.
Getting into alignment with Spirit is the only way to claim what is naturally yours. Isn’t it time to rewrite your story, to claim your freedom, to change your world and to begin to shift into the life you’ve always wanted?
Here are a couple steps I took to get back into alignment with God and start manifesting what’s in my Divine Sphere.
1.   I made a list of anybody or anything I need to forgive. Then start forgiving. I personally put myself on that list because I realize I have judged, condemned and hurt others and I need to set myself free from self judgement.
2.   I made another list of things I want in my life. I.E. relationships, money, health etc.…
3.  Then a list of how I feel about, money, relationships, etc.… this list may have some positives and negatives and that’s ok. I put my positives on one sheet and the negatives on another and burned it. I am no longer focusing on what’s wrong but rather what’s right. What God says about me which is all good.
This was my start. I realized I had been focusing on the negatives or what was wrong with me far to long, and in honesty not seeing a lot of good results from that path. I also went to others for direction as long as they had a self-love, positive focus. There are so many great teachers out there, so I would suggest you go to classes, on cruises or retreats to be around like-minded groups or individuals who can contribute to seeing the good of who you are. Once this transformation begins, it’s incredible the miracles and synchronicities you can create and how fast your life become what you’ve always dreamed of.
I am heading to Lourdes next week for my Rise Goddess Retreat where we will be putting into effect the steps I mentioned above along with the other steps that complete the process and I will share transformation of the group live on Facebook. Please join us. Besides the Divine Sphere process, we will be baptized in the Holy Spring water by the nuns, walk the foot path of Christ, eat amazing food, dance, sing and see ourselves with compassion and love, just as Spirit sees us. If you feel called to join a tribe of goddesses as we awaken to our Divine Self, we would be blessed to have you.
In grace, Robin Rose

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