Light Leaders Guidance Cards

The Light Leaders Oracle cards are a guide that empowers you to open your connection to the Spirit through sacred Angelic messages. The messages from these Angels and Arch Angels are here to help open your heart, connect you to the wisdom of Source and to get you in touch with your higher self.
The sacred geometry, animal energies and the cosmic color Rays also play a key role in igniting an energetic connection between heaven and earth allowing the Angels to reveal the hidden messages of your heart.

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Mother Mary and the Undoing Process
Messages of Hope and Guidance for 2012 and Beyond

In Mother Mary and the Undoing Process, Robin Rose shares not only her personal life communications with Mother Mary but also reveals Mary current messages of atonement. Mary also provides information on the hidden Christ light within our DNA and how at this time that light is reawakening as well as gives a simple step by step approach on how to peacefully reconnect with that Christ light in order to move through life in a gentle more graceful way.

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Behold Mother Mary Prayer Book

This booklet is a combination of traditional prayers associated with Mother Mary as well as a section of newer less traditional prayers. Included are several versions of the Holy Rosary, the newest one having been given to Robin Rose in 2009 from the Holy Mother herself. The prayers are inspiring and uplifting.


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Reaching for the Stars OUT OF STOCK

Reaching for the Stars is about Sarah, a young girl who feels unhappy but doesn't know why. One night, before going to sleep, Sarah makes a wish that all of her unhappy feelings would go away. To her surprise, Stella, her guardian angel appears outside her window and takes her on a nighttime adventure through the stars. Sarah not only learns how to let go of her old thoughts and feelings, but also learns to be open to miracles. After that magical night, she figures out that she can let go of her unhappy feelings and experience the miracle of starting each day feeling love, happiness, and excitement. Reaching for the Stars is a beautiful message of hope for all children struggling with their identity and value. It is a great reminder to children of their connection to the angels and to the love that is infinitely available to them. This is a magical book to fill your child's dream-time and waking time with peace and happiness.-Angela Henry, LPC, Child Therapist, and author, My ACB book of Amazing Animals Just Like You.

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