Divinely Guided A Visit From the Elk

Yesterday I was putting my grand baby down for a nap and I saw my daughters Animal Medicine Cards and thought I would draw one. Reaching up I grabbed the deck and a card came flying out. The card was #3 the Elk. I looked, and it then put it back in the deck. I hadn’t focused on a question to ask so I just dismissed it. Sitting quietly, I prayed and when I felt focused then asked. I wanted some insight on my trip to France for the Rise Goddess Retreat this coming week. After shuffling the cards, I pulled another card and it was the Elk again.

Realizing I must need this message I sat and read it. The Elk is about Stamina, about pacing oneself to get the job done. It also says that Elk like to be in herds but at times they need to take time to be with the same gender. Paraphrasing it said “You may need a group to support you in realigning your stamina to the warrior energies you are a part of. It allows you to safely share your feelings and get feedback from others who have or are having the same experiences. You may need a new sense of community-communication in unity.”

After reading the message put all the cards back on the shelf and left the room. When I came back I saw a card under a blanket. Pulling it out I realized it was as you can guess, the Elk again. At that point I had to laugh. I felt a sense of contentment come over me knowing this trip was divinely inspired.

This is a perfect confirmation that what we are going to be doing on this trip is “spot on.” Taking the time to be with other women who want to share of themselves and their gifts as we all realign to our passion, our self-worth, our creatively, and to experience release, forgiveness and joy. Really what more can I ask for. I am truly blessed.

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