We are all born with a light in our soul. Sometimes we need to be reminded of this divine spark within us. If you are craving a deep and real connection to that light and want to do that with other beautiful souls, this is for you.


Welcome to this incredible experience of MAGIC in Oahu Hawaii! This is a 5 night/six-day adventure and we are so excited to share it with you!

The Oahu, is a rich history and culture, with deep roots and a tangible spirit. There are many parts this island that call us to come, be a part of its ancient vibration, allow our balance to return and feel our souls come alive.

Oahu is a powerhouse of esoteric energy that within it holds capacity for a deeper experience. Its pre-historic heritage and connection to the Sacred Feminine is a dynamic container for uplifting and freeing you to be more peaceful with a sense of balance. Being on the island imparts an alchemy into your mission; its higher frequencies facilitate quantum leaps and shifts within yourself allowing you to have a deeper more fulfilling experience.

We will experience Oahu’s sacred sites and connect with the Sacred Feminine energy of Lemuria. We will experience ceremony and ritual at many sacred sites of the island where the riches of ancient ritual can be deeply felt.

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The Hawaiian Island are known for their mystical magical history and land of wise gods and goddesses who watch over them. These islands hold the ancient Lemuriain memory of love and compassion. There are deep secrets that the land and water hold which are intended to be released to those who hold the care of humanity in their hearts. Rich vegetation, ethereal waterfalls, magical caves and the peace of the land await those who care to make this journey.

The land holds a safe and supportive energy that allows us to nestle in and let our natural divine nature come alive.

Personally, I love how the island sways in the magic of the clear, clean ocean waters and how the nature spirits protect the land from modern society. The temples are a reflection of times past, the beaches call for us to surrender and the rain-forest asks that we partake in the magic of its land. Doesn't that sound awesome?

What you can expect.

Each day we wake to the brilliant sun light for a morning of calling in Spirit to guide us in surrendering the its love and beauty.

Enjoy a lovely breakfast
Mediation to call in the Spirits of the Island
Join together for a healing process
Do THETA downloads to uplift our hearts, minds and spirit

Our afternoons will be spent our exploring the island:
Visiting waterfalls
Visiting Temples
Ocean Rituals and Ceremony
Workshops with a local Medicine Women
Join with locals for a fun evening Luau
and more...

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