Thoughtfully crafted, these enchanting, moving experiences reignite the light and wonder that live inside so you can shine bright and beautiful. Life is an adventure that leads us home to our incredible, magnificent souls! This adventure is designed to help you remember the truth of who you really are, feel loved and be surrounded by radiant souls with big, beautiful hearts, that inspire you to dream bigger and to follow your heart’s desire.



Spring 2020 - Colorado

Women's Soul Soothing Retreat

This retreat is about nourishing our body and soul. It's about being creative with other women who want to leave their struggles at the door and be seen for the gracious, lovely beings they are.

This weekend include pampering, art, music, good food and fun. Most of all includes other women who want to relax and reclaim their power and passion for life.

I don't know about you ladies but I am ready to leave the world behind for a short time and embrace the beauty of who I am.

Wont' you join me!

Details to follow....

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June 2020 - Scotland UK

"Scotland is a place where I fell in love with myself again." Robin Rose


There are places in the world where we can fall in love with ourselves again and Scotland is certainly one of them. We'd love to invite you to join us for a soul embracing adventure in this majestic place. Come spend seven incredible days with us as we focus on creating more fun and excitement in our lives!

Each of us was born to love and be loved! Often, we need to be reminded that we are lovable, beautiful and valued and sometimes the easiest way is to see your own beauty reflected through a soul sister.

If you are seeking a real connection where you can feel loved, supported and accepted by other beautiful souls this is the place for you. Through the splendor and inspiration of Scotland we can open our hearts to new adventures and drink in the soul filling experience of this incredible land.

This getaway will bring to life the that light that you have hidden inside and you will leave feeling deeply loved, nourished, supported in sisterhood, and fully seen for the magnificent soul you are.

It is our wish that you leave feeling connected to your body, heart and soul and that you experience sweet, lasting connections. We fully intend for you to feel loved and supported by this circle of sisters gathering together for this very special experience.


Details to follow....

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What's included in the Retreats - each retreat varies:

Creative workshops to create a memento of our time together
Workshops to heal, recharge and bring about clarity about you and your path moving forward
Pampering sessions, Healing sessions, special locations, great food, beautiful people
Pre-retreat call to prepare, answer questions and to set our intention
Private Facebook community to connect with before and after the retreat
A Personal Check in between you and I after the retreat

Past Event and Retreat Locations

Kauai Hawaii, Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Brazil, Washington state,