Change makes you find your calling, your legacy, and God's divine plan for your life.
Don't run from it. ― 







Hello, I'm so glad you are here. It is such a joy to share my story with you and it is my hope that together we can embark on a journey that brings acceptance and joy to each other’s lives. Creating the life, we want can be a bit scary, sometimes confusing, and often tiring. However, I've learned that when we have an understanding that we were created from Love & Light, and that there is a divine plan for our lives and when we tap into that truth life becomes so much easier and when we feel loved and supported by others who know this truth we can create more than we thought possible. I'll share a bit of my story and I hope it helps you understand why I feel so passionately about being blessed to be with on your journey.

I have a tender heart for anyone who's not feeling safe and empowered in their lives. I grew up in a very dysfunctional home where safety was sparse. As I got older, I didn’t have an understanding of me, or what being safe, normal or empowered really meant. Essentially, I had no idea who I was.

After a lot of healing, and study I am finally in a place where I can give back to the world. I found me, in the word of God and His peace is now where I belong. I reconnected with the Kingdom of Heaven and found grace thru the guidance of Christ Jesus which has led me to a place where I feel and experience my true graceful self, and I am so honored to be able to share that with others.





Robin is a Writer, Artist, Minister and Event/Retreat leader. She is the author of Mother Mary and the Undoing Process, Reaching for the Stars (Children's Book), Light Leaders Divine Affirmation deck and for 25 years has co-creator and coordinator life changing spirituality conferences to bring people closer to God.  Her heart’s desire is to be a catalyst for the healing and transformation of hearts and minds through the teaching of the Grace and the understanding of the Love God placed within each of us.

She has a gift of vision and has had interactions with the Angels, Mother Mary and our beloved Christ Jesus since childhood. She is a prayer healer through the International Healing Rooms and believes that a Revival of Spirit is necessary in our lives and coming to us all.


"Be happy in the moment, that's enough.

Each moment is all we need, not more."

~ Mother Teresa