A Little Bird Told Me…

Like a lot of people, when I go to sleep I like to ask for messages or guidance in my dreams. I’m sure I get them but often don’t remember them when I wake up. However, when I do get something it is usually pretty awesome and connects to something going on for me in the moment. In my dream last night, I was talking with someone and felt something coming towards me, so I put up my hands and a sparrow flew into them. In the dream, I made the statement “well that’s interesting” and then let it go. So, I felt that was something I needed to look into.

When 2018 began I decided I wanted so stop working so hard for others, and work more for myself and the fulfillment of my own dreams. This has brought up a lot of old stuff that I am having to work through in order to feel worthy enough to make my dreams come to pass. There are often old voices that ring in my head, voices that condemn me and have stopped me from moving forward in my life. I love helping others and making their lives easier but I usually do it at the expense of my own life which I think is common for those of us who are care taker personalities. This year however, I want the person I take care of to be me. There is so much adventure and excitement to be lived and I finally feel I am at a point where that is something I can do for me and not someone else.

2018 is an 11 year in numerology which means, a year of mastery. I want to master getting past the voices of those who told me “I can’t do something” or that “I’m not educated enough” or that “I’m a woman and women don’t do those things.” Those are the lies that crush dreams and I really want to rebuild my dreams and fly like that sparrow and while on that journey maybe I can inspire a few others to live their dreams and fly.
The Sparrow information confirmed to me that I am on the right path, the path of freedom and dignity. I copied the information for anyone who might feel drawn to it. I plan on taking its attributes and putting them on my prayer wheel for a daily inspiration and something to reconnect to when I feel discourage. I realize that we were made to fly, to not just survive but to live fully as God created us to do, so this year that’s my plan.

Sparrow Plate by RuthGarrison at Zazzle.
Because the sparrow has been able to survive and thrive in spite of its many natural predators, it has become a symbol of the idea that the nobility of the common person is inherently strong within all of us. If you believe that this little bird is one of your totems, take a minute to look around you. Have you been allowing others to take away your dignity? Is your own self-worth something that you dismiss or have forgotten about? Have you taken on the frame of mind that tells you that you will always be under the crushing step of a tyrant? If so, the sparrow will show you how to survive all of this. No matter what the circumstances around you are or seem to be, sparrow will awaken a new sense of dignity and self-worth in you.
Native American Totems

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